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Logging the most thriving industry in Solomon Islands

Logging is undoubtedly the most active, consistent, controversial but yet the highest foreign revenue earner for the country. According to reports on the status of the country’s forest resources of the country, the rate of harvesting continues to be unsustainable and in a number of years, the forest of the country will be gone forever. It is clear the national government is heavily depended on this industry and has not done its part to regulate how this industry operates in the country.

Welcome to the new MSG.

Our daily cartoon blog post from The inclusion of Indonesia and West Papua into the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) at their respective levels have undoubtedly added new meaning and dimension to MSG meetings. During a meeting recently to discuss membership criterias for MSG, West Papua and Indonesia’s representatives argued their own for inclusion. Both parties had to be sent out of the meeting in order for a decision to be made.

NDMO on stand-by mode

Our daily cartoon blog post from Statement from the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) saying they are on Stand-by mode to attend to any natural disaster anywhere in the country is one refreshing and assuring news indeed, especially for our people in the rural areas who are always isolated. From experience though, disaster relief usually get to our people days even weeks considering how the country is scattered and widespread. Let us hope for the best no disaster strikes this year.

Government passed more than 4 billion dollar budget for 2017

Our daily cartoon blog post from The DCC government has passed another landmark budget of more than 4 billion dollars for the new year. It will sure be another year full of hope and promise for the more than 80% of Solomon Islanders who live in the rural areas all around the country.

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JANUS makes another catch

JANUS, a joint tack-force established by the government between the Ministry of Police, Justice and National Security and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to fight corruption makes another important arrest this week as captured by this cartoon in

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PM launches Anti-corruption strategy

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare today launched the Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (DCCG’s) Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan for the next three years in celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

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